120+ months

Haven’t written much lately. No immediate plans. Might attempt some site-cleanup, but nothing much beyond that.

10 years; There actually isn’t really a decade worth of work, the stint at midnight shift physical labor circa 2010 caused some minor disruption which triggered a full-blown interruption of all creative endeavors, starting from the end of Spring, 2013. There were some attempts to re-start my improv recordings. Then I have some odd piece written here-and-there from 2014-16. but for this Year of 2017, Not only I haven’t written anything of my own, but additionally was not bothered by it.

At all.

Let just say I’ve gotten lazy. The more concrete reason is there really isn’t a point to urgently post my unpublished work here? Or anywhere, for that matter. Composition/Improvisation has always been reflective and more importantly, introspective exploration, and I never inclined for others to listen to what I wrote-lest they actually have the opportunity to glimpse into my inner thoughts and that’s never a good thing, to feel naked in front of anyone.

Was/am still busy doing something of music so I am expressively in contentment. And in many ways, this would suffice for the time being.