Compositions: 2003-4

This section comprise of my works, up to the second year of my undergraduate studies. Most of them are assignments from my year 1 & 2 composition classes.


  1. Alyan03Bday-in G, for piano
  2. Moonlight-nocturne for piano
  3. Theme and variations-incomplete, for piano
  4. 030403, Tune in G major, for piano
  5. 041403, original lost, reconstruct from midi archive
  6. 093003, Somewhere in flux-in Bflat minor, for piano
  7. 112703-in C, for Organ
  8. Plains of Waterloo-for solo voice with piano accompaniment


  1. 012204-in B flat, for piano
  2. Fanfare in D-for piano
  3. Fugal style final assignment, in c minor, for piano
  4. Andante in D-for piano/string arrangement
  5. 070304/072104/091504 summer incomplete fragments & transcription projects
  6. It hurts me too, for solo voice with piano accompaniment
  7. Fog-for solo trombone and piano
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