Compositions: 2005-6

This section comprise of my works, up to the fourth and final year of my undergraduate studies. Most of them are assignments from my year 3 & 4 composition classes.


  1. Sonata style exposition assignment, in E flat, for piano
  2. Sonata style final project, in d minor, first movement, for piano
  3. Dialogue between hands, suite for piano, separate hands
  4. 050105, in D flat, for piano/organ
  5. Lady Yu suite-for mixed chorus with piano accompaniment


  1. 743-for 3 instruments, score lost, reconstructing from audio file
  2. Untitled, in f minor, for solo flute with piano accompaniment
  3. Double reed sextet in E, for 2 oboes, English horn, 2 bassoons and piano
  4. Li Qing-zhao: Shattered Ume Blossoms, Suite for mixed chorus
  5. Incomplete fragments of 2006
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