Improvisation: 2009

To be honest with all of yous I did not expect that I will make more of these recordings. Ever since my undergrad years I have continued to improvise on piano/voice/flute intermittently yet I never thought about recording it. First of all, I was thinking of getting some audio recorders. But the ones that are decent enough to caught my fancy are way beyond my current budget (if there is actually one. Yet that is another matter much too private to be discussed here)…Also even if I somehow can get a hold of a hi-fidelity audio recorder, I do not own an instrument that can express and communicate in ways I demand. So after a year or two the plans are quickly scrapped.

However around the beginning of this year due to various jobs and projects the need to upgrade the computer arose, and after much thrifty searching I got this (which is free and good) and connected this (which isn’t free but I got this couple years ago) into the microphone output of my computer, which now I have added another extra gig of RAM (that isn’t free but its getting cheaper; this one is about $40 while the gig before that was $150 4 years ago), in effect making it capable to run some software now which was impossible to load before (without the RAM plugged in).

And all of a sudden I realized I can actually do live recording of my improvisation again. And so I did.

I will try to have a steady stream of recorded improvisation (for now, all from that electronic piano, with obvious sonic and expression limitations) uploaded to this site on a weekly basis. I will eventually comment on them, my intention, techniques I’ve used, and my evaluation on how successfully I have execute these musical ideas.


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