New recording method

Test1-lower register, loud dynamics, pedaled
Test2-higher register, soft dynamics, less pedal
Test3-free improvisation for ~3 minutes

Comparing to the more flat, albeit “purer, pristine” feel of before there is now more depth (mainly from the reverb) and “realistic” sensation because of the multi-sampling from the sequencer. This is most likely how I would be using from now on instead of my old recording method.

PS. actually here’s my first attempt to fully use the expressive range and dynamic of this sound:
October 20th, 2009 piano solo, track 1 (5:45) (mp3)
October 20th, 2009 piano solo, track 2 (7:41) (mp3)


Quick update

Most of the .mp3, .wma, .pdf should be up and ready to be accessed and/or downloaded. The widgets are also up and running, same as to the plug-ins and embedded mp3 player. I might consider some flash-movie player plug in so you don’t have to access youtube-but their service is free, and free storage is never a bad idea.


updating in the middle of the night, no, very early in the morning

Well, I am still in the process of relocating the files. Meanwhile most of the .wma & .mp3 should be up, the pdfs are yet to be uploaded; I have made a careless mistake instead of copying the files in my old hosting directory I have instead deleted theĀ  PDF folder and everything in it. Therefore I will post them link by link. That would surely take a while.

There are very many things related to my composition and music I would love to talk about. Yet they would be done later.