Alata HC: Blue Green White with brief analysis

Welcome Alateans!

I have been thinking about how to serve the choir better for quite a while now, and have recently decided to use resources from my personal web page to share about my understanding of the suite with all of you. Here is the link connected to the table of contents, where in turn would then lead to various pages of short discussion and analysis. I hope you may find the information useful to your studies.

Here is the link: <<Blue Green White:Songs of the Eastern Provinces>> by Harry Freedman


update: personal works upload commenced


I have finally started to organize my composition to post onto It would be awhile before everything is ready, however—my rough estimate is that I have written about ~ 75 works in which I would try to analyze and give comments to each individual work. The first section, titled

Compositions: up to 2002 should be available within the next two weeks.