Brief update: end of year 2013

Just changed WordPress theme to 2014 after update. Goal is convert all music player to html5. The church christmas oratorio project is officially completed and I really should get to the fixing & improving of the website long in dormant mode. Wasn’t in the mood before, crushed with all of the various commitments. Might have a brief wrap up and reflection but really prefer using the time more wisely.


Nov.10 quick update: Plugin fixing, site maintance

The TCBC link and pages are broken along with the plugin shortcode update; I will fix them as soon as I can. Afterwards I will work on the vocal demos and pdf/youtube embed links.


[Nov.11 mini postscript update: It took me the night trying to add the [su_] prefix in front of every single shortcode of the page, then when I finish updating and in process to check if everything is returning to normal, I saw the “update available” icon and lo and behold, its yet another shortcode update for wordpress plugin. Made me wonder whether being lazy and not learn the html code is a good idea after all. This is being way counter-productive than I have expected.]

[also admire the irony of mini postscript being lengthier then the original post, yay!]

html5 compatibility update

Using MediaElement.js is as challanging as expected-I don’t know html and lets not even get started on creating or editing css or phps…just managed to post shortcodes on this specific WP theme’s widget after some google-researching, managed to froze the site twice with error 500 before going to hosting site’s file editor to restore…Then also just realized there isn’t a playlist available…Wish I can spend more time making music instead of trying to make the site work, ugh.

But now come to think about it, perhaps I would change the style of audio player, may be some sort of icon-button style which you can press to play and press again to pause/stop; because there would probably be more smartphones and touchscreens a simple squared button style for activation would work better then a traditional audio player with playlist which are fine only when you have a mouse with you.

I also got started transcribing again, my improvisation recordings are numerous but the rendered scores are few.

Brief update and reflection, 2012

Looking back at the past 12 months, there indeed was idle time and opportunities missed that end up fell short of my goals.

Firstly the site is still half-baked without proper accessibility to potential mac visitors and it is far from being mobile-friendly. As to my general rate of production in spite of the creative spurt somewhat forced by my own rather ambitious plans back in the months of April to June, I haven’t really been composing nor recording improvisations. Specifically there are at least 2 tunes I promised to write as gifts for friend’s wedding which is since long overdue and probably wouldn’t be finished anytime soon.

Finally besides properly archiving my past works and improvisation recordings, as a side project I have been working on a separate web space for musical utility/education. Yet ideas aside only a moodle shell and some initial test-beds was set up, and it has been mothballed for quite some time.

Personally I have yet to make a final judgement on work schedules, whether to be more spontaneous or organized, for my own account has so far proven inconclusive. There are instances where time and ideas were in abundance yet somehow with such copious readiness the germinating process didn’t came to fruition. Then there are moments where I am absolutely not in the best of my creative moods, and time were scarce, yet somehow it inspired something worthwhile that can be immediately published or to be cheerfully worked on at a later date.

Perhaps I have bitten something that was bigger then I can chew, yet I wonder if I would be learning anything from my mistakes and react differently if I have the chance to. In order to finish what I wanted to do I most likely require a concrete, applicable project plan which time allotted for site building, music making are strictly enforced with weekly and monthly goals that would be closely reviewed and monitored and adjust accordingly.

I also probably need a helper of sorts. Not necessarily a tech specialist or Webmaster +PR because I always have visioned as a personal, private site that happens to be accessible publicly. Perhaps an “accountability buddy”-type volunteer to routinely check up my progress. Alternatively I probably can set up some sort of an automatic calender-reminders that MS outlook or Google+ has.



html5 compatibility test


Currently as flash is being forced away into its twilight and while it has begun ceasing its development it would be wise to commence the searching and testing various cross-platform media players, as I still wished this site to be mac-friendly. There are yet to be a satisfying html5 player that can have similar functions to the flash ones I currently am using, with xml playlists that can be imported and edited. There are also players that required ogg. format and I really am hesitant about converting all of my audio files-last time when I move the WMAs into mp3s that took me half a week verifying and uploading.

August update 2012

I have removed much of the media player, it really was creating too much of a clutter; I kept 4 at the bottom for now, but that’s really temporary, they are using flash so apple users wouldn’t be able to use it, and that needs to be changed. The current theme is minimalistic and I like that very much. Hopefully I will be posting my both my works and recordings up to date as soon as possible, now come to look at it I am 2 years behind, ha-ha.