Why? Why not?

Note: this page is under perpetual construction. Thoughts and ideas do change with the passing of time.

This website serves as my response towards the current state of dynamics between music as a commodity and the audience as its consumers.

One’s intent becomes the soul of his musical creations. Despite that, much modern music is produced for the wrong reasons: For recognition, employment, status, acceptance, subsistence, etc. When you write for recognition, you do not write music, but rather inscribe the sounds of aspiring for recognition. Similarly, when you write for status, all that can heard are voices lusting for authority and control. Only when you write solely for music’s sake can music be genuinely expressive and communicative.

If you want free music, you can write your own. If there are circumstances that inhibit you from doing so, you can access and download various media from this website free of charge (printing/copying extra).

Should music always be free? Certainly not. I can tell you that this is definitely not about taking away the economic value of music. As a matter of fact, I may perhaps become actively involved in the music industry very soon.

I do not mean to condemn other peoples’ actions. No one should enforce their personal praxis upon others as if performing some zealous proselytism. This is, rather, my personal response as an alternative – a choice that many can make.

Now as to what I am about to say, I sincerely think it is not necessary; yet I have heeded to my colleague’s advise as he argues it is not about dictating others how to use this site, but rather only as a solemnly stated declaration that I have clearly forewarned everyone before they could commit their errors. This then effectively serves as my Pilate’s wash basin :

The only “rule” that is strictly enforced here deals with academic honesty: It’s my work after all, don’t put your name on top of my work and hand it in.

Of course, I really cannot imagine who with a sane mind would appropriate my work instead of the works of others. I could not even think of any reason to, yet I can be very wrong and consequently this is my plea to all those who panicked the day before the assignment is due, and thought about plagiarism as the only solution. Do yourself a huge favor and write your own music. Similarly my written logs and journals are linguistically defective, peppered with various grammatical mistakes. Whoever that was cursed to grade “your” (which is mine) work would be in grave trouble. Do have mercy on them! (I thought all of you already knew, yet again, I could be wrong.)

To navigate to various pages you can click the links at the top. There are a bunch of mp3—flash players which house my various recordings or compositions featured on the homepage, by accessing the top bar. Besides the pages there are also posts that elaborate on my more day-to-day and current ongoing activities and interests. The rest are self-explanatory.

Do enjoy yourselves while visiting richardsimusic.com! If you have any questions and opinions, do not hesitate to send me an email via richardsi@richardsimusic.com.